Topping up with Proxima C Endurance Fuel

Topping up with Proxima C Endurance Fuel

Some controversy exists on whether or not topping off is necessary or beneficial for ultra-runners and other endurance athletes. Topping up is when an endurance athlete takes in some carbohydrates shortly before the start of their event to “top up” their carbohydrates and further preserve glycogen.

The controversy isn’t about whether topping off actually provides additional carbohydrates to be used by the athlete as energy. It definitely does do that. The potential problem lies in the possibility of rebound hypoglycemia occurring at the start of the race.

Rebound hypoglycemia is when, as a result of taking in high glycemic foods or beverages, an athlete’s blood sugar will spike (hyperglycemia) and then, as a result of that spike, drop below baseline (hypoglycemia).  

Hypoglycemia will cripple performance until it is taken care of, leading to sluggishness, mental fog, fatigue, and decreased time to exhaustion.  

So is there any way to top off AND prevent hypoglycemia? As you’ve probably guessed, the answer is yes. Here are the 3 best ways to avoid rebound hypoglycemia when topping up before an ultramarathon.

Topping up before an ultramarathon

1. Top up 15-20 minutes before the start of the race.  

Topping up in this window will likely prevent rebound hypoglycemia by not allowing your blood sugar to drop below baseline before the start of the race. Do this by sipping on a carbohydrate beverage (preferably Proxima C) in the time leading to the start. Aim for 100-150 calories, no more. Additionally, starting to sip 15-20 minutes out, instead of downing excess liquid immediately prior to the gun, will prevent becoming “waterlogged.”

2. Top up during a warm-up (if you utilize one)

I know not everyone warms up before ultramarathons. But if you do, topping up during this time may further prevent rebound hypoglycemia because the process of warming up itself prevents an excessive blood sugar spike in the first place. When you are active, you are using those carbohydrates as energy, and therefore, hyperglycemia is reduced. Reduced hyperglycemia = reduced rebound hypoglycemia.

3. Use a carbohydrate beverage with a lower glycemic impact – like Proxima C Endurance Fuel.

Lower glycemic carbohydrates like Cluster Dextrin and Palatinose are better for topping off than simple sugars. A carbohydrate with a lower glycemic index will influence blood sugar less, reducing the risk of rebound hypoglycemia. Proxima C Endurance Fuel is the best carbohydrate drink for ultra-runners to use during AND before a race due to its unrivaled carbohydrate blend consisting primarily of low glycemic carbohydrates.

What NOT to do when topping up for an ultramarathon

Don’t use real food

Real food takes longer to digest than a drink or a gel. This can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish at the race’s start. 

Don’t get caught up in trying to eat “healthy” during an ultra. Save that for your everyday life. Eat/drink what works.  

Don’t use exclusively simple sugarstopping up Proxima C Endurance Fuel

Consuming exclusively simple sugars like sucrose or dextrose will cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. Small amounts are acceptable, but carbohydrates like Cluster Dextrin and Palatinose are far better choices. The glycemic impact of Cluster Dextrin and Palatinose is far lesser than that of simple sugars, effectively preventing hyperglycemia and any resulting rebound effect. 

As mentioned previously, Proxima C is the best carbohydrate drink available for ultra-runners to top up with before and use during an ultramarathon.  

Don’t go overboard

Remember, you’re just topping up your carbs. This is no substitute for eating a more substantial breakfast a few hours before the ultra, and it’s no substitute for coming in carbohydrate loaded

Topping up should be used in combination with these two strategies, not in replacement of them. For best results, only take about 100 to 150 calories in the 15-20 minutes before endurance exercise. That’s 1 to 1.5 scoops of Proxima C Endurance Fuel.

Additional benefits of topping up with Proxima C

In addition to topping off your carbohydrates before an endurance session, you’ll get a jump start on hydration by using Proxima C. Proxima C’s electrolyte profile is the best in the business! 

Lastly, you’ll start taking in ornithine a bit earlier, enhancing endurance and delaying exhaustion.

Proxima C + T-30

If Ultraverse Supplements T-30 Daily Endurance Supplement is used, Proxima C can be mixed WITH T-30 and consumed simultaneously. Proxima C plus T-30 is an amazing pre-workout endurance combination. 

For the ultimate combination, take a scoop of T-30 and Proxima C before endurance efforts, Proxima C during your workout or race, and Terminus immediately after.

To learn more about effective pre-race and pre-endurance workout strategies check out Nutrition for Ultra-Runners – Pre-Workout Nutrition. And don’t forget to order your Proxima C Endurance Fuel today!

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