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Tested and proven to be: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, No Artificial Sweeteners, Allergen-Free (no soy, dairy, nuts, egg, or shellfish) Proxima C was designed to be the ultimate extended-duration endurance fuel.  It was designed specifically for ultra-running and other prolonged endurance activities.  Proxima C utilizes an unparalleled, no expense spared ingredient profile.  It’s truly a top-shelf [...]

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Daily Endurance Supplement

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Any time you refer a new friend, we will give you a bonus 250 Ultra Rewards Points.  All your friend needs to do is tell us you referred them when they complete their first purchase.  This bonus is only applicable to new referrals on their first supplement purchase.  In order for you to get your bonus Ultra Rewards, they MUST answer the referral question on the checkout survey.  They will need your first and last name and the email you used when you created your account on Ultraverse Supplements.  Please give us 24-48 hours to update your rewards.

Third-Party Testing

third-party testing

All our supplements are third-party tested for potency, accuracy, purity, residual pesticides, and heavy metals

T-30’s Third-Party Testing Results

Terminus’ Third-Party Testing Results

All third-party testing performed by Twin Arbor Labs

“the amount of vigor and stamina this product gives me makes me wonder how I did my previous workouts with out it.”

I am extremely particular about my health and fitness, so this topic is very important to me. My workouts vary from running, HIIT, and weight workouts, and train 6 days a week; and the amount of vigor and stamina this product gives me makes me wonder how I did my previous workouts with out it. My husband even noticed a difference in his performance. I will most certainly recommend for any athlete who is actually serious about getting results. Definitely ordering again and can’t wait to see what other products you come up with! I’m sold.

Brent Hines / via Google

“It mixes smooth, tastes great, and definitely keeps you pushing harder”

T-30 is an AMAZING product!!! I am not an ultra athlete, but still feel the greatness of this product. It mixes smooth, tastes great, and definitely keeps you pushing harder. I do not feel spent at the ends of my workouts. I also LOVE the fact this product is made in the USA!!!

Amanda Shannon / via Google

“T-30 and Terminus have been game changers for helping me push harder through my workouts and recover better afterwards”

Love Ultraverse Supplements! T-30 and Terminus have been game changers for helping me push harder through my workouts and recover better afterwards. I was initially hesitant to try any supplements because I have such a sensitive stomach. Chase was great at answering all of my questions and following up with me a few weeks later to make sure everything was going well. Great company with amazing support!

Tasha Eichman / via Google

“With Terminus you can literally feel the product take effect used after intense training.”

I have experience using a competing product in Tailwind Rebuild. As an older ultra athlete, efficient, adequate recovery is vital during intense training cycles and in managing the day when I’m not training. Literally instantly I noticed a profound difference in Terminus compared to the other recovery product I had been using. With Terminus you can literally feel the product take effect used after intense training. No more fog, increased energy, less muscle soreness and fatigue, and electrolytes to replenish what was lost. All of those benefits plus it taste great, I’m finding myself looking forward to my Terminus fix as the run or training is winding down, it’s a reward for the effort. Give it a shot you won’t be sorry!

Troy Pruett
Our core values

Why Choose Us?

Forest at Ultraverse Supplements
It is our goal to provide options for a range of diets. Thus, all our products are vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free (no soy, nuts, dairy, eggs, or shellfish). T-30 is also keto-friendly.
All our products contain only ingredients which research has shown to be effective in scientifically appropriate doses.
Ultraverse Supplements contains no unnecessary ingredients or animal derivatives, and all our products are Non-GMO. Additionally, we do not use artificial sweeteners or other unhealthy ingredients. When you buy our products, you can rest assured you are getting the best.
We love the trails as much as you do! Because preserving the trails is one of our biggest passions, we donate 1% of sales back to the trails.
Unlike many other companies, we don’t offer a good, better, and best version of our supplements. We are only interested in providing the BEST products.

Made for Endurance athletes

Ultra-Endurance Biking at Ultraverse Supplements
Cross Country Skiing at Ultraverse Supplements
Cross Country Hiking at Ultraverse Supplements

At Ultraverse Supplements, we focus on providing unmatched nutrition for endurance athletes.  Our products are specifically designed to account for the unique physiological and psychological demands of ultra-endurance sports such as: ultra-distance running and biking, ironman and triathlon events, cross-country skiing, adventure races, thru-hiking, and FKT (fastest known time) attempts.  Our goal is to make the best products for ultra-endurance and conventional endurance athletes.  That being said, almost any athlete from any discipline would benefit from using our products.  Check out our product page.

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