72-Hour, 48-Hour, 24-Hour, 12-Hour, and 6-Hour Options

Welcome To The Sticks!

A low-key timed race with a fun, small-town, homegrown feel on a farmstead outside of Norton, KS.  Half race, half hootenanny.

2023 Race Schedule:

  • 72-hour race begins Thursday, June 1st at 6:00 PM and ends at 6 PM Sunday, June 5th.
  • 48-hour race begins Friday, June 2nd at 6 PM and ends at 6 PM Sunday, June 4th.
  • 24-hour race begins Friday, June 2nd at 6 PM and ends at 6 PM Saturday, June 3th.
  • 12-hour race begins Saturday, June 3rd at 6 AM and ends at 6 PM.
  • 6-hour race begins Saturday, June 3rd at 6 AM and ends at 12 PM.
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The Sticks
The Sticks


In the sticks, outside of Norton, KS (BFE) – exact location to be given after sign-up. The course will be a combination of mowed pasture and dirt road.  The course will not be overly technical, but isn’t necessarily flat.  It has rolling hills and the mowed pasture is uneven and challenging.  Participants will run the same 2-4 mile loop (exact distance TBD) as many times as possible in the time option that they choose.  Norton, KS is about 9 miles from the course. Norton has a Pizza Hut, Sonic, a Mexican restaurant, and a hotel.  There is a camping-style shower at the race location, and there are shower houses at Prairie Dog State Park, about 10 minutes away.  There is also camping available at Prairie Dog State Park.  One well-stocked aid station at the start/finish.  This aid station will be manned 24/7 for the duration of all events.

The Sticks

Rules and Regulations

The Sticks
the sticks
  • No Refunds or Deferrals
  • 70 total participant cap
  • Runners can leave the course for as long as they wish between loops to go eat, sleep, cry, or whatever they wish.  Runners must check in with an RD before leaving and when returning.
  • Runners must check in at the start/finish before the start of each new loop.
  • Runners will get credit for the mileage they accumulate in their chosen race, no matter when they stop.
  • Only full/complete laps will be counted
  • There is limited space on the property.  Strict limit of one vehicle/runner, including crew.
  • Pacers allowed AFTER 24 hours.  No pacers allowed for 6, 12, or 24 hour runners.
  • No unattended children.
  • You must be 18 years old to run.
  • You must be 21 years old to drink.
  • We highly recommend bringing a means to carry water on the course.  It could be very hot and we will not have BOTTLED water.
The Sticks

Additional Info

FREE camping at the start/finish area – there will be porta-potties. There is also plenty of room to set up a pop-up/crew area.  Proxima C and typical ultra-style race food will be provided at the start/finish.  We might have beer, we will definitely have whiskey.  Whether or not we share is TBD.  For now, plan on BYOB. 

The Sticks

Swag and Awards

  • All runners, regardless of distance accumulated, will receive a The Sticks race shirt
  • Custom, distance specific belt buckles will be given for all ultra-distances accomplished (50k, 50-mile, 100k, 100 mile).  Medals will be awarded to those who get 26.2 miles.
  • Additional swag (TBD) will be given for 150 and 200 miles.  
  • 24-hour participants who complete 115 miles will receive free entry into the 2024 Eternal Damnation at Hell Creek.  
  • Anyone who completes 200 miles (any duration) will receive free entry into the 2024 Eternal Damnation at Hell Creek.  Free entry into Eternal Damnation can be deferred a maximum of one year.  
  • Male and female winners in each distance will receive a special award.

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