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Athlete Ambassadors

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Noah Stevenson

Division 1 Track and Cross Country RunnerBio: Noah is a plant-based athlete who competes at an elite level in track and cross country for Kansas State University while also earning his graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Manhattan, KS where he currently works as a manager for Manhattan Running Co. His PRs include: 1500m – 3:49:28, 8k (xc)- 24:32.2, 10k (road) – 31:07.“I enjoyed Ultraverse Supplements the first time I took them. Once I looked more into the supplements and the company I saw they are 100% vegan, environmentally focused, and that they are evidence driven and based. All of that, on top of the fact that these supplements are designed for debatably the most strenuous and nutrition reliable sport, ultra-running, really made me believe that Ultraverse would elevate my performance. It has, and it’s been so easy!”

Team Ultraverse

Tasha Eichman

Tasha is a busy wife, mother of two young kids and works full-time managing the marketing department for a telecommunications company. She got into running and strength training as a way to relieve stress and enjoy a little quiet time for herself. She’s found a passion for pushing her physical and mental limits through a training schedule that includes HIIT, cycling, and running.  “As I became more serious about training and competing in races I knew I needed to find supplements to assist in my training and recovery while also being gentle on my stomach. I was a bit hesitant at first and had no idea where to begin with supplements. After finding Ultraverse Supplements and working closely with them to get my many questions answered I started using T-30 and Terminus. I quickly noticed the positive effects and both supplements have been game changers in my training and recovery.”

Troy Pruett

Troy is a veteran, a busy dad of two amazing young adults, and works in retail management. He started running several years ago just to try to shed some pounds and get back into shape. Troy fell in love with the trails almost automatically and that morphed in a passion for ultras. He enjoys the challenge, he enjoys existing in that uncomfortable space, and most of all he enjoys the ultra-endurance community where he has met some of the most remarkable humans on this planet. “I’m always looking for an edge to improve my overall wellbeing, my training, and my recovery. I’ve tried several other “Endurance Formulated” supplements and never seemed to get results. After hearing about Ultraverse Supplements and doing my own research it was a no brainer to give them a go. Being able to communicate with Chase one on one was an enormous benefit! Bottom line this stuff works, these are researched based supplements that live up to the claims.”