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Athlete Ambassadors

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Noah Stevenson

Noah is a plant-based athlete who competes at an elite level in track and cross country for Kansas State University while also earning his graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Manhattan, KS where he currently works as a manager for Manhattan Running Co. His PRs include: 1500m – 3:49:28, 8k (xc)- 24:32.2, 10k (road) – 31:07.“I enjoyed Ultraverse Supplements the first time I took them. Once I looked more into the supplements and the company I saw they are 100% vegan, environmentally focused, and that they are evidence driven and based. All of that, on top of the fact that these supplements are designed for debatably the most strenuous and nutrition reliable sport, ultra-running, really made me believe that Ultraverse would elevate my performance. It has, and it’s been so easy!”

Tyler McDaniel

Tyler is a residential Carpenter from Kansas City where he lives with his wife, and his Great Dane puppy named Vella.  He has been running competitively for over 20 years. He has ran everything from 5K’s to 100 mile Ultra Marathons and has found success in all distances. He holds several course records, and 2 Missouri State Distance records in the 100K and the 100 mile distances. Some view ultrarunning as extreme, but his family and friends see him as just plain crazy. They are perplexed by his desire to voluntarily subject his mind and body to the challenges of 50-mile, 100-mile, 100k, and 24-hour ultra events. “5 years ago when I got into ultra-distance running I started looking for a product that could help me reach my peak physical condition. After using about every product out there I heard about Ultraverse Supplements and started taking Terminus and T-30 during my training. The gains that I achieved were unbelievable, and I’ve never looked back since.”
Team Ultraverse

Tasha Eichman

Tasha is a busy wife, mother of two young kids and works full-time managing the marketing department for a telecommunications company. She got into running and strength training as a way to relieve stress and enjoy a little quiet time for herself. She’s found a passion for pushing her physical and mental limits through a training schedule that includes HIIT, cycling, and running.  “As I became more serious about training and competing in races I knew I needed to find supplements to assist in my training and recovery while also being gentle on my stomach. I was a bit hesitant at first and had no idea where to begin with supplements. After finding Ultraverse Supplements and working closely with them to get my many questions answered I started using T-30 and Terminus. I quickly noticed the positive effects and both supplements have been game changers in my training and recovery.”

Steven Varsava

Steven is an aspiring ultra Athlete in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is currently working towards his goal of couch to 100 miles. Before that goal, Steven would run when it was convenient to him. Now he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Running consistently has completely changed his life; it has turned from an exercise to a lifestyle. Steven believes that to grow in this life properly, you have to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone constantly.
“When I first started running again, I struggled to get my miles in. I don’t even know if you could call that running as it was more of a light jog and walk intervals. I wanted to improve my quality of training, not just finish a race but compete in an ultra. When I could barely run a mile, that goal seemed far away. I started to research different training regiments and various supplements to assist me. When I found Utlraverse, I read all that was on the blog about T minus 30 and Terminus. I was blown away by the research they had done, let alone the quality of ingredients they had put in their products. I hurried and ordered both to try out, as I had done with countless other products. After my first use of both, I was sold! I was running faster and longer when I started using T minus 30. My recovery was almost instant when I used Terminus. I cannot stress how amazing Ultraverse’s products are! Don’t take just my word for it; experience the change for yourself.”

Troy Pruett

Troy is a veteran, a busy dad of two amazing young adults, and works in retail management. He started running several years ago just to try to shed some pounds and get back into shape. Troy fell in love with the trails almost automatically and that morphed in a passion for ultras. He enjoys the challenge, he enjoys existing in that uncomfortable space, and most of all he enjoys the ultra-endurance community where he has met some of the most remarkable humans on this planet. “I’m always looking for an edge to improve my overall wellbeing, my training, and my recovery. I’ve tried several other “Endurance Formulated” supplements and never seemed to get results. After hearing about Ultraverse Supplements and doing my own research it was a no brainer to give them a go. Being able to communicate with Chase one on one was an enormous benefit! Bottom line this stuff works, these are researched based supplements that live up to the claims.” 

Mark “Droopy” Clark 

Mark is a retired Marine, a running short business owner with his son Nic and consultant.  He lives in the Tampa Bay, Florida area but grew up in South Dakota and Minnesota before joining the Marines in 1981 after graduating from South Dakota State University.   He started running in 1972, triathlons in 1984, and Ultras in 2013.   As a Marine and an athlete, he was always looking for ways to challenge himself physically and maintain an active lifestyle.   One of his infamous training methods was to run, pulling a car tire behind him.  Needless to say, that usually got attention when running in the neighborhood.  He found that when doing long-distance triathlons and Ultras, you can be in excellent training shape for the event, but if you do not have the proper nutritional supplements, it can come crashing down around you during your event or, at the very least, negatively impact your training and recovery.  That is what guided him to Ultraverse.  He was immediately intrigued with their passion, commitment, knowledge, and research in this area.  He started taking their supplements recently in preparation for and during the running of a 50K Ultra on the sandy beaches of Destin, Florida.  He noticed a remarkable difference in being able to train, recover and participate in this event.  After using Ultraverse, he introduced it to Nic who has become a workout monster, and his son now will not work out without it.  What he also likes about Ultraverse is the customer support and interaction with the owners/founders.  “They are absolutely awesome!  I can’t imagine training and running in an ultra today without Ultraverse in the fuel tank.”