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Athlete Ambassadors

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Noah Stevenson

Noah is a plant-based athlete who competes at an elite level in track and cross country for Kansas State University while also earning his graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Manhattan, KS where he currently works as a manager for Manhattan Running Co. His PRs include: 1500m – 3:49:28, 8k (xc)- 24:32.2, 10k (road) – 31:07.“I enjoyed Ultraverse Supplements the first time I took them. Once I looked more into the supplements and the company I saw they are 100% vegan, environmentally focused, and that they are evidence driven and based. All of that, on top of the fact that these supplements are designed for debatably the most strenuous and nutrition reliable sport, ultra-running, really made me believe that Ultraverse would elevate my performance. It has, and it’s been so easy!”

Team Ultraverse

Andrew Becker

Andy is a husband, father of 2 boys, and a middle school teacher in Tigard, Oregon.. He started his endurance life in the triathlon world after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but found he loved distance running more than the other two sports. After a break from distance running when his youngest was born in 2020, Andy is back to training for his upcoming races.  “Ever since getting back into distance running I have been looking for supplements that work and are made with quality ingredients. Ultraverse Supplements came on the radar after listening to Chase and Casey on the “Run the Riot Podcast” talking about their product, and I had to try it.. This is the first product that hasn’t messed up my stomach, and I appreciate it is plant based. I like the flavors too.”

Tasha Eichman

Tasha is a busy wife, mother of two young kids and works full-time managing the marketing department for a telecommunications company. She got into running and strength training as a way to relieve stress and enjoy a little quiet time for herself. She’s found a passion for pushing her physical and mental limits through a training schedule that includes HIIT, cycling, and running.  “As I became more serious about training and competing in races I knew I needed to find supplements to assist in my training and recovery while also being gentle on my stomach. I was a bit hesitant at first and had no idea where to begin with supplements. After finding Ultraverse Supplements and working closely with them to get my many questions answered I started using T-30 and Terminus. I quickly noticed the positive effects and both supplements have been game changers in my training and recovery.”

Team Ultraverse

Arnab Banerjee

Arnab is a multi-sport athlete. As life long mountaineer, skier, and climber, who started his running career around 5 years ago, Arnab lives in Seattle with his family (two energetic sons, 10 and 15 years old). As a business executive, he has a busy work life but balances his time with trail runs in the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest. He recently ran Bigfoot 200, a 210-mile ultrarunning event in the Cascade Mountains. Arnab is also on a mission to find his full potential in marathon road running – he also ran Boston and Chicago in 2022 (with a marathon PR of 3:06 so far). As an RRCA-certified coach, Arnab also helps other athletes train and succeed in their running journey.
“Since I found Ultraverse, I have become a big fan. Before, I had a tough time keeping up with my nutrition. In the peak training period, I often do big workloads like 80-100+ mile weeks, and I was always worried whether I am falling short in certain biomarkers. So, I decided to give Ultraverse a try. I even used it while running my first 200 miler and found that my energy and recovery while running 4 days straight were strong. I am excited to be part of the Ultraverse team.”


Team Ultraverse

JJ Goodrich

Currently, JJ is on a mission to run 50 races in each of the 50 states! The races will range from a 1 mile road race to a 100 mile ultra trail race, and everything in between! He is also raising money for nonprofit charity, Running For Rescues in the process! They use donations raised by runners to help save animals in need across the U.S. Please check out their website or his fundraiser page via the link below!  “Ultraverse Supplements have been helping me take my fitness to another level. I believe in these products after using them consistently and because of the science, knowledge, and amazing people behind them. T-30 gives me the sustained energy and mental focus to tackle tough runs followed by a long, physical day at work. Terminus gives me a confidence in my recovery game and makes me feel revived after harder or longer efforts. I am so excited to be on Team Ultraverse and look forward to growing from here.”