The more you race, the more you earn

Start Earning Points

We have come up with a way to reward/thank our runners  and volunteers who sign up for our races.

We know race fees can add up pretty quickly and we wanted to establish a system that would give frequent racers a break, even if it’s just a bit.

rewarding loyalty

Rewards Point System

1 point = $10

1.25 points = $12.50

13 points = $130, and so on… 


If you volunteer at one of our races, you will earn 1 point for every hour spent helping.  Use the same tracking sheet below!

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Point System rules and Conditions

  • You acquire a certain amount of points depending on the race and distance you sign up for. 
  • The $ amount of points received is typically 5-10% of race entry (starting price).
  • Points can be used for future race entry into Eternal Damnation, The Sticks, Hell Creek Race Series, Cowboy 200/100, or any other race in the future (oh yes, there will be more)!     
  • You must have at least 5 points ($50) to use your points.  This just makes things much less complicated. 
  • You must use all your points at once.  Again, much less complicated. 
  • Your points NEVER expire.  As long as we continue putting on races, they are good.
  • Only the person who acquired the points can use them.  Points cannot be transferred to another runner.
  • You keep track of your own points.  When you are ready to use them, email us the filled-out tracking sheet. We will simply confirm that you were indeed in or volunteered at all the races you claim and then send you a unique, one-time discount code for the race you choose.  After that, we will take note that you have no points as of that date and the process will start over.  
  • You cannot use points for a race you have already signed up for.  So make sure to email us BEFORE you sign up.
Download the Tracking Sheet
possible points per race
Our Races
Hell Creek 100

Hell Creek

20 mile race = .5 points
100K = .75 points
100 mile race = 1 point
Pure Hell 140 = 1.25 points

Half Marathon = .5 points

50K = .5 points

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Eternal Damnation Backyard Ultra

Participating in this race is good for 1 point regardless of how long you go.

If you receive free entry into Eternal Damnation from an outstanding performance at The Sticks, you STILL earn your 1 point.  However, you MUST show up to the race to earn your point!

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The Sticks 6/12/24/48/72

6 Hour Race = .5 points
12 Hour Race = .75 points
24 Hour Race = 1 point
48 Hour Race = 1.5 points
72 Hour Race = 2 points

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The Cowboy 200

200-mile = 4 points

100-mile = 1.5 points

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katy 225

The Katy 225

4 points