Terminus – The Best Endurance Recovery Supplement

Terminus - The best endurance recovery supplement

This blog will talk about our new endurance recovery supplement – Terminus. Terminus was designed with one goal in mind – to be the best endurance recovery supplement on the planet. Spoiler – it is! Keep reading to find out all about Terminus, including WHY it outshines every other endurance recovery supplement on the market.

Terminus was explicitly designed for hardcore endurance athletes undergoing intense training. 

When I say “hardcore,” I’m not saying it’s just for pros or elite athletes. I’m saying that it’s for athletes;

  1. Who frequently participate in demanding endurance exercise.
  2. Are ooking for a no-expense-spared recovery formula.
  3. Who refuse to cut corners with cheaper, lower-quality recovery supplements
  4. Are willing to pay a little more for superior results – Comparing Cost vs Value: Best Endurance Supplements
  5. Put results and superior ingredients above all else – cost, fancy marketing schemes, big-name brand, multiple flavor options, and anything else that has no bearing on the effectiveness of the endurance recovery supplement itself.

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Why Terminus is the Best Endurance Recovery Supplement on the Market

Ok, so by now, you are probably wondering what makes Terminus the best endurance recovery supplement? What sets it apart? Well, let’s find out.

Non-GMO Dextrose

Replenishing glycogen post-endurance workout is not just beneficial for refueling for your next workout. Taking in simple carbs immediately following endurance exercise drives nutrients into your cells, lowers the stress/cortisol response from endurance exercise, and jumpstarts the immune system. When taken following exercise, Carbohydrates help to halt muscle breakdown as well.

Dextrose is super-fast absorbing, making it the perfect sugar to take advantage of these benefits before it’s too late. Remember, consuming simple sugars (like dextrose) after and during endurance exercise is beneficial. It’s OUTSIDE of training that these sugars can be detrimental to health. To learn more about the difference, see Endurance Athletes & Sugar: Best Friends, Enemies, or Frenemies?


70:30 Organic Pea: Organic Brown Rice Protein Blend

The 70:30 blend is not just something we made up. It also wasn’t decided based on taste, cost, or any factor other than what we believed was optimal for recovery. A 70:30 pea and brown rice protein blend results in an amino acid profile almost identical to whey. It also makes a perfect PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 1.0.  

Opting for organic pea and brown rice reduces the likelihood of high amounts of residual pesticides – something reflected in our third-party residual pesticide testing results, which you can see HERE.


Comparing the Amino Acid Profile of Terminus to Whey

Amino Acid

Whey Protein Concentrate (15g)

70:30 Pea: Brown Rice Blend (15g) + BCAAs & Glutamine


525 mg

600 mg


345 mg

1,155 mg

Aspartic Acid

1,260 mg

1,395 mg


255 mg

195 mg

Glutamic Acid

1,995 mg

2,250 mg


210 mg

540 mg


240 mg

300 mg

Isoleucine (BCAA)*

690 mg*

1,615 mg*

Leucine (BCAA)*

1,320 mg*

3,290 mg*


1,125 mg

870 mg


240 mg

225 mg


390 mg

705 mg


990 mg

570 mg


690 mg

660 mg


675 mg

465 mg


195 mg

135 mg


345 mg

555 mg

Valine (BCAA)*

660 mg*

1,705 mg*

Additional Glutamine


4,000 mg*

So why not use whey?  

While whey would have been the cheaper option, many people are intolerant of whey. Using plant protein provides those intolerant to whey and dairy (and vegans) an alternative source.

Additionally, plant proteins are more sustainable than whey and every bit as effective (Babault et al., 2015).  


Additional BCAAs

If an endurance recovery formula hopes to provide optimal muscle recovery, additional BCAA’s, namely leucine, are required. No matter the source of protein, unless additional leucine is added, recovery will likely be suboptimal. Studies have suggested that 6.25 grams of whey protein combined with 6.25 grams of leucine stimulates protein synthesis similar to that of 25 grams of whey (Churchward-Venne et al., 2012).

Additional BCAA’s have numerous impacts on recovery, including improved immune function, increased protein synthesis, better muscle recovery, and enhanced glycogen replenishmentBCAAs following endurance exercise.

Leucine is the most beneficial of the BCAA’s to endurance recovery. Therefore, Terminus uses a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine: isoleucine: valine and provides an ADDITIONAL 4g of BCAA’s/serving on top of an already stellar amino acid profile.


Additional Glutamine 

Glutamine has numerous recovery-related benefits to endurance athletes, including reduced muscle soreness (Legault et al., 2015), improved immune function (Song et al., 2015), and some studies suggest it enhances endurance and power with daily use.  

Additionally, evidence suggests that when combined with HMB*, glutamine can significantly reduce muscle loss (Rathmacher et al., 2004). 

Muscle catabolism is an issue for endurance athletes engaging in long-duration endurance exercise due to very high caloric needs that aren’t always met.    

Terminus provides an additional 4g of glutamine/serving. In my opinion, an endurance recovery supplement has to have additional glutamine if the goal is to be the best. 

*Our daily endurance supplement, T-30, contains the perfect amount of HMB to reduce muscle catabolism. To be effective, HMB needs to be taken daily, which is why we opted to put it in T-30, not Terminus.T-30



Carnitine is an ingredient you won’t find in many other endurance recovery supplements. 

Although, I’m not sure why, as carnitine has proven to have many desirable impacts on exercise recovery, including reducing soreness and cellular damage, improving muscle recovery, improving blood flow to muscles, preventing muscle loss, and even easing mental fatigue (Fielding et al., 2018).

Those are just the recovery-related benefits of L-carnitine; carnitine has been shown to improve endurance performance as well. The combination of an excellent safety profile and numerous recovery-related benefits made including L-carnitine in Terminus a no-brainer.

Each Serving of Terminus has 1.5 grams of L-carnitine.


BETTER Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Minerals

You’ll find electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals in many endurance recovery supplements on the market, but you will rarely find them in their best forms. Instead, most companies opt for the cheapest (and most common) form of nutrients. At Ultraverse Supplements, we never go the cheap route, only the best route.  

Each ingredient was researched extensively and then selected based on bioavailability, effectiveness, and evidence, not price. You can find some good examples of this in our Price vs.Value blog.

Why does an endurance recovery supplement need electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals? Because endurance exercise depletes certain nutrients leaving endurance athletes susceptible to deficiency. Additionally, endurance athletes likely have increased needs due to the demanding nature of endurance training.  

Sufficient electrolyte replenishment reduces the risk of cramping, improves antioxidant synthesis, and is beneficial for metabolism.

B vitamins, as most know, are essential for energy metabolism. They’re also crucial for optimal immunity and muscle recovery.

Zinc is depleted with endurance activity, and it is common for endurance athletes to be insufficient in zinc.  

Again, these nutrients are present in Terminus and present in superior forms vs. other endurance recovery supplements. Some examples of this include – zinc picolinate, methylcobalamin (B12), pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (B6), and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (folate).  



Immune Support Supplement for Endurance Athletes

  1. Rapid glycogen replenishment
  2. Improved cortisol response
  3. Improved protein synthesis and muscle recovery
  4. Replenishes electrolytes and lost nutrients
  5. Prevents common nutrient deficiency
  6. Prevents overtraining
  7. Boosts immunity following exhaustive exercise
  8. Prevents excessive post-workout fatigue
  9. Decreases inflammation
  10. Halts muscle breakdown following endurance exercise


Our Background – Real Nutrition Education, Passion for Endurance

When we (my wife and I) formulated Terminus, we did so with a solid foundation of nutritional knowledge. We both have Master’s degrees in nutrition, mine in Clinical Nutrition and hers in Holistic Nutrition.  

You might think this is common in the supplement world, but you’d be wrong. Many supplement companies are started by people with limited knowledge of the products (and ingredients) that they are selling. 

Remember, an online certificate that you can get in 2 months is not a suitable replacement for an accredited graduate degree that takes 2-4 years to earn.   

Additionally, we did so with endurance backgrounds. We weren’t just attempting to cater to a foreign and unfamiliar population to make a buck. I’ve been ultra-running for about 7 years; Casey has followed me all over the U.S. to crew at my events. We are also RD’s of five different ultra-running events in the Midwest. We are passionate about ultra-running and endurance sports. We eat, sleep, and breathe them.   

We knew we needed to learn A LOT more if we wanted to create the best endurance recovery supplement on the planet. We read through countless scientific papers pertaining to endurance recovery and carefully picked our ingredients and quantities according to our interpretation of the body of evidence. We also examined and compared every endurance recovery supplement we could find from countless “big-name” and “not so big name” brands.


Our Goals When Formulating Terminus

  • Use only the best ingredients, regardless of the price.
  • Use appropriate quantities – don’t under-dose like most brands.
  • Do no harm – use only ingredients regarded as safe and appropriate for endurance athletes.
  • Create what we would consider our “dream” recovery supplement. In other words, if factors like cost were not considered – how can we make the best supplement possible according to current scientific literature?  
  • Create a supplement that we, as endurance athletes, would want to take after every workout.
  • Be 100% confident Terminus is the best endurance recovery supplement before releasing – compared to all other products on the market.

Summary – The Best Endurance Recovery Supplement

We checked every box on Terminus and achieved all of our goals when creating it. We ignored manufacturers when they suggested using cheaper ingredients to lower the price. And we created what we believe to be the best endurance recovery supplement ever made. If you made it this far, congratulations! Hopefully, you realize the impact Terminus can have on your endurance goals at this point. As a thank you, please use code termblog2022 for a one-time ADDITIONAL discount of 10% off any season pack of Terminus. Season packs are by far the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

See The BEST Supplements for Endurance Recovery for more information on scientifically backed endurance recovery supplements.

best endurance recovery supplement



Now, get out there and do something worth recovering from!







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