Welcome To The katy 225!

A point-to-point 225-mile footrace along the stunning Katy Trail in Missouri.  This is a rails-to-trails course and will be run on mostly crushed gravel.

  • Starts October 23, 2023 @ 7AM in Clinton, MO.
  • 225+ miles with ZERO repetition
  • The course will Start in Clinton and head East along the Katy trail towards St. Charles

2023 Katy 225 Runner’s Manual

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Katy 225


Runners will travel East from Clinton to St. Charles on the corridor of the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad, better known as the Katy. The trail traverses through some of Missouri’s most scenic areas, while the majority closely follows the Missouri River.  Runners will often be treated to the river on one side and towering bluffs on the other.

Runners will travel through many varying landscapes, including dense forests, wetlands, deep valleys, remnant prairies, open pastureland, and gently rolling farm fields.  In the fall, the trail is colored with the rich reds and oranges of changing leaves.

While on their journey, runners can catch glimpses of old telegraph poles and other remnant pieces of the railroad’s past. The trail passes over numerous different types of bridges on its route. This is truly an amazing adventure through the heart of Missouri.

The KatyTrail is non-technical and 100% runnable.

The Katy 225



  • Must be 18 to enter
  • No muling – pacers cannot carry anything for their runners.
  • No littering
  • Runners MUST check IN and OUT of all full aid stations.
  • Runners and pacers must carry all required gear (listed in Runner’s manual).
  • Runners cannot be assisted outside of full/crewed aid stations – no interaction with crew outside of these designated areas
  • Runners, pacers, and crew must follow all laws and local regulations.
  • Runners cannot leave the course to go eat, sleep, etc. For example, a runner’s crew cannot take them off course (even at full aid stations) to sleep in a hotel.  In the case of full aid stations being located in the immediate vicinity of bars, cafes, convenience stores, etc. runners may take advantage of those services by foot if desired.


  • 96 hours
  • Additional aid station cutoffs will be listed in the runner’s manual
The Katy 225

Aid Stations

We will provide 10 fully stocked aid stations, in addition to unmanned water and Proxima C stations along the 225-mile route.  All manned aid stations will have vegan/vegetarian options available.  There are several trailheads along the course that have water fountains  and restrooms available to use.  There will also be approximately 3 sleep stations along the route.  Runners are allowed to sleep in crew vehicles/tents at ALL FULL/MANNED aid stations.  We will utilize the towns and communities that dot the trail to the best of our abilities for the manned aid stations.  We do this in an effort to provide connectedness between runners and the communities as well as to create “crew-friendly” aid stations.


Katy 225

Swag and Awards

Katy 225 Swag

Runners will receive a Katy 225 puffy jacket, Katy 225 shirt, and a Katy 225 bag.  Additional freebie items will be included in runner swag bags.

All finishers will receive a beautiful, year-specific, Katy 225 finishers buckle worthy of an epic 225-mile adventure. Our buckles will be different every year! Collect them all!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place runners in both men’s and women’s races will receive additional awards (TBD).

Midwest Rail Trail Double

Cowboy AND Katy? Yes, that’s 425 miles in two months.
If you finish Cowboy AND Katy, you’ll receive an awesome custom plaque. Additionally, the person from each gender that finishes Cowboy AND Katy in the shortest combined time will receive an additional award (TBD) and free entry into any one Ultraverse Supplements race in 2024.
Thinking about it? We REALLY want to see you do both…so we will give you 20% off Katy if you are also signed up for Cowboy. Please reach out to us before signing up for Katy if this applies to you!

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