Welcome To The cowboy 200!

A point-to-point 200-mile footrace along the beautiful Cowboy Trail in Nebraska.  This is a rails-to-trails course and will be run on 90% crushed gravel. 

  • 200-mile 
    • Starts September 15, 2023 @ 5AM at Ta Ha Zouka Park in  Norfolk, NE
  • 100-mile 
    • Starts September 16, 2023 @ 8AM at the Community Center in Atkinson, NE
  • 200+ miles with ZERO repetition
  • The course will Start in Norfolk and head west along the Cowboy Trail to Valentine.

2022 Runner’s Manual

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Runners will travel from Norfolk to Valentine on the Cowboy Trail, an old “rail-trail” consisting of crushed limestone trails (off-limits to automobiles).  During their epic 200-mile adventure, runners will be immersed in nature and experience the beauty and solitude of the Nebraska back-country. 

Along this amazing journey, runners will see many ancient relics from the old railroad and pass through many quaint, history-filled towns’ still utilizing buildings and artifacts from the old railroad – including a water-powered gristmill and numerous old railroad depots scattered along the route.

Some of the most famous and awe-inspiring structures along the Cowboy Trail are the former railway bridges in which runners will cross.  In total there are over 200 bridges along the route with the largest being ¼ mile long and 148 feet high!  This truly is a beautiful trek through America’s heartland. 

The Cowboy Trail is non-technical, 100% runnable, and extraordinarily flat, making it perfect for the first time 200-miler, or for those seeking a PR. 

The cowboy 200



  • Must be 18 to enter
  • No muling – pacers cannot carry anything for their runners.
  • No littering
  • Runners MUST check IN and OUT of all full aid stations.
  • Runners and pacers must carry all required gear (listed in Runner’s manual).
  • Runners cannot be assisted outside of full/crewed aid stations – no interaction with crew outside of these designated areas
  • Runners, pacers, and crew must follow all laws and local regulations.
  • Runners cannot leave the course to go eat, sleep, etc. For example, a runner’s crew cannot take them off course (even at full aid stations) to sleep in a hotel.  In the case of full aid stations being located in the immediate vicinity of bars, cafes, convenience stores, etc. runners may take advantage of those services by foot if desired.


  • 200-Mile solo cutoff: 84 hours
  • 100-Mile solo cutoff: 32 hours
  • Additional aid station cutoffs will be listed in the runner’s manual
The cowboy 200

Aid Stations

We will provide 10 fully stocked aid stations, in addition to at least 9 unmanned, water and Proxima C stations along the 200-mile route.  There will also be approximately 3 sleep stations along the route.  Runners are allowed to sleep in crew vehicles/tents at ALL FULL/MANNED aid stations.  We will utilize the towns and communities that dot the trail to the best of our abilities for the stocked aid stations.  We do this in an effort to provide connectedness between runners and the communities as well as to create “crew-friendly” aid stations.


Cowboy 200

Swag and Awards

200-mile runners

Runners will receive a Cowboy 200 puffy vest, Cowboy 200 shirt, and a Cowboy 200 bag.  Additional freebie items will be included in runner swag bags. 

All 200-mile finishers will receive a beautiful, year-specific, Cowboy 200 finishers buckle worthy of a 200-mile adventure.  Our 200-mile finisher’s buckles will be different every year!  Collect them all!

Finishers will also receive a free beer from Bolo Beer Co. at the finish line.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place runners in both men’s and women’s races will receive additional awards (TBD).

1st place male and female will receive a cash prize.  The cash prize =   $1,500 for men and $1,500 for women.  Additionally, winners who set the 200-mile course record, will win an extra $500, which bumps the cash prize to a possible $2,000!

100-mile runners

Runners will receive a Cowboy 100 bag and a high-quality cotton/poly blend shirt.  Finishers will receive a Cowboy 100 buckle and a free beer from Bolo Beer Co.  There will be additional prizes for top 3 male and female finishers (TBD)

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