Mixing Proxima C – 4 Simple Do’s and Don’ts

Mixing Proxima C


Proxima C’s primary carbohydrate is Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin (HBCD). For a good reason, Cluster Dextrin has numerous benefits that make it the single best carbohydrate for endurance activities, especially for ultra-running. For lots of information on WHY Cluster Dextrin is the king of endurance carbs, you can check out any of these three blogs;

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The purpose of THIS blog is to talk about Cluster Dextrin as it relates to mixing, and specifically how it should be mixed when using Proxima C Endurance Fuel – and if you’re an ultra-runner and not using Proxima C, well, you should be.  If you’re wondering WHY you should be please read Why Proxima C is the BEST Fuel for Ultra-Runners.  But enought about that, let’s get into the why, how, when, and the dos and don’ts of mixing Proxima C.


Cluster Dextrin Needs Additional MixingBest carbohydrates for ultra-runners

The ONE slightly inconvenient downside to Cluster Dextrin is its inability to mix easily. Certainly, cheaper formulas that consist entirely of simple sugars like sucrose (table sugar), dextrose, and the like will mix almost effortlessly. Proxima C, on the other hand (because of the high Cluster Dextrin content), takes a little extra T.L.C. The extra effort is 100% worth it because nothing compares to Cluster Dextrin when it comes to endurance performance and the prevention of G.I. distress. So before you get frustrated about the small amount of extra effort, ask yourself – would I rather take the stuff that’s easier to mix or the stuff that will help me perform optimally? It’s an easy answer…I hope.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to get all that Cluster Dextrin mixed up in your Proxima C.



  1. DO NOT mix Proxima C in your bottle, handheld, etc.  Throwing Proxima C into your bottle and giving it a quick shake won’t do. The Cluster Dextrin will clump, your bottle suction thingy will get clogged, swearing will ensue, and things will get out of hand quickly. Don’t do this.
  2. DO NOT mix Proxima C in ice cold water– Mixing in room-temperature water will help tremendously when it comes to getting the Cluster Dextrin mixed up.  Mixing with cold water will make things more difficult. So, mix, and THEN add ice. OR mix the night before, and put your bottles in the fridge overnight to cool. Cluster Dextrin will not reconstitute overnight.
  3. DO mix Proxima C ahead of time – it doesn’t have to be the day before; it just needs to be before your workout. Just have everything mixed up and in bottles, so you NEVER have to do #1.
  4. DO mix with a blender bottle/shaker cup, blender, or mixing pitcher – remember, shaking in a regular cup or bottle isn’t enough!


Race Strategy – Mix lots of Proxima C ahead of time (a blender works great) and fill one-gallon water jugs to send with your crew. You can throw in smaller premixed bottles if you are working out of a drop bag. If you will be working out of the same drop bag multiple times and cannot fit all the required liquid in your bag, throw in a blender bottle and mix your own using the aid station’s water. Of course, having a crew makes all this WAY easier, and mixing with a blender bottle at aid stations is slightly inconvenient. Still, we think the extra effort is well worth it because you will be fueling optimally.


NOTHING COMPARES TMixing Proxima C Endurance FuelO PROXIMA C FOR ULTRA-RUNNING- So just mix it!

If you made it this far, bravo! You now know how to mix Proxima C. You’ll find that the simple steps above are well worth it. Remember, if your fuel blends flawlessly by simply shaking your bottle, it doesn’t have Cluster Dextrin.

And if it doesn’t have Cluster Dextrin, it CAN’T be the best.

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