Cowboy AND Katy? Yes, that’s 425 miles in two months. You’ll receive an awesome custom plaque if you finish the Midwest Rail Trail Double. Additionally, the person from each gender who finishes Cowboy AND Katy in the shortest combined time will receive an additional award (TBD) and free entry into any Ultraverse Supplements race in 2024. 



Midwest Rail Trail Double

Midwest Rail-Trail Double Highlights 

  • Two amazing Midwest 200+ mile rail-trail races, 425 miles, ZERO repetition! 
  • Awesome swag at both races -puffy jackets, puffy vests, and unique buckles that change every year. Plus, additional prizes and swag for runners of the Midwest Rail-Trail Double! 
  • LIVE GPS tracking is provided at both events. 
  • Fully stocked aid stations with hot food, sleep stations, and all the amenities seen in 200-mile ultras 3x the price. 
  • EPIC indoor/outdoor finish line locations in both races – Bolo Beer Co. (Cowboy) and Bike Stop Cafe (Katy). Hang out, grab some beers, mingle with fellow runners and your RD’s, and watch the rest come in! 
  • 20% off Katy when you sign up for Cowboy first! Simply email us after you register, and we will send you a discount code. 





Cowboy 200 

The Cowboy 200 is a point-to-point 200-mile footrace along the beautiful Cowboy Trail in Nebraska. This is a rails-to-trails course and will be run on a non-technical, 100% runnable, crushed limestone path inaccessible to motor vehicles. There will be short paved sections when running through towns along the route. 

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Katy 225 

The Katy 225 is our BIG sister race to the Cowboy 200. It will be run on the beautiful Katy Trail in Missouri. Like Cowboy, Katy is a point-to-point rail-trail race with ZERO REPETITION! Although the concepts are similar, the two will be VERY different races. 

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