What We’re Up To

Our Efforts To Conserve

In an effort to conserve the trails we love so much, we have decided to donate 1% of sales every year to a specified trail. We wanted our first year’s donation to be special, so we have chosen to donate to the Clinton Lake Trails in Lawrence, KS. This trail is near and dear to our hearts as Chase ran his first two 100-mile races there. The Hawk 100 is one of the best races we have ever been a part of, and you won’t find friendlier people (directors, volunteers, etc.) anywhere. We think that this trail, those who volunteer to maintain it, and everyone involved in the race really represent what ultra-running is all about: love for the trails and supporting and encouraging others to succeed.

In addition to creating amazing supplements, we are also passionate about putting on amazing trail races.  We always support the trails where we stage our races, donating 2% of all race entry fees back to the trail.  Learn more about our current race, The Hell Creek 100.  Be sure to check back often, as we have plans for more races in the future!

Make A Separate Donation

Make sure you check Clinton Lake Trails at the bottom of the form.

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