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Carbohydrate Loading For Ultramarathons – Information and Best Practices

Carbohydrate Loading for Ultramarathons If you are an ultra-runner, you likely already know the premise [...]

Strategy for Last Man Standing and Backyard Events

Introduction to Last Man Standing and Backyard Events Before we get into the strategy for [...]

Third-Party Testing for Supplements: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of third-party testing for supplements?  Many supplement companies are very vague [...]


Omega-3’s for Endurance Athletes: An Evidence Based Guide

Introduction: Omega-3’s for Endurance Athletes Omega 3’s are polyunsaturated fatty acids that must be obtained [...]

Zinc for Endurance Athletes: Should You be Supplementing?

As an endurance athlete, should you take a zinc supplement?  Does endurance exercise deplete zinc [...]

Nutrition for Ultra-Runners Part #5 – Gut Training

This is Part 6 of a 6 part series.  Part 1 – Trending Diets in [...]

Supplementing Glutamine for Endurance: 7 Benefits

Endurance athletes (like all athletes) always seek ways to increase performance, enhance recovery, and prevent [...]

The BEST Supplements for Endurance Recovery

Most endurance athletes have heard the phrase, “you should recover as hard as you train.” [...]

The 15 Best Ways to Prevent and Overcome GI Distress During an Ultramarathon

Studies have suggested that over 90% of ultra-runners experience at least one gastrointestinal-related symptom during [...]

7 Reasons Endurance Athletes Shouldn’t Take NSAIDs

ENDURANCE SPORTS ARE PAINFUL. PERIOD. Endurance sports hurt, right? The very nature of endurance sport is [...]