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Cyclic Dextrin vs. Maltodextrin: Which is Best for Endurance Athletes?

Cyclic Dextrin vs. Maltodextrin: Which is Best for Endurance Athletes?   This blog aims to compare the effectiveness [...]

Do Ultra-Runners Need Supplements?

Are you considering starting a supplement routine to improve performance and recovery? Or, perhaps you [...]

Ultra-Running and Mental Toughness – Strategies for Overcoming Pain

Introduction – Ultra-Running and Mental Toughness If you’re an ultra-runner, you’ve almost certainly heard someone [...]

Cold Weather Running: How Cold is too Cold to Run Outside?

Cold Weather Running: How Cold is too Cold to Run Outside? I used to be [...]

Alcohol and Ultra-Running: Match Made in Heaven, or Recipe for Subpar Performance?

ALCOHOL AND ULTRA-RUNNING Alcohol and ultra-running seem to go hand-in-hand.  Booze is found at the [...]


The Best Diet for Ultra-Runners

THE BEST DIET FOR ULTRA-RUNNERS Finally, you’ve found it!  The best diet for ultra-runners!  WRONG.  [...]

Ultramarathon Foot Care – Best Practices

Ultramarathon Foot Care There are many different issues an ultra-runner and their crew needs to [...]

Comparing Cost vs Value: Best Endurance Supplements

Cost vs Value: Best Endurance Supplements Let’s talk about price. We have heard several concerns [...]

Gifts for Ultra-Runners for the Holidays

Whether you are ready for them or not, the holidays are quickly approaching!  You are [...]

5 Best Endurance Supplements for Mental Fatigue

Before we get into the 5 best endurance supplements for mental fatigue, I think it’s [...]