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Glutamine for Endurance Athletes: Hype or Hoax?

The benefits of glutamine for endurance athletes continue to evolve. Recent research has even shed [...]

3 Worthwhile Benefits of Palatinose for Endurance Athletes

3 Benefits of Palatinose for Endurance Athletes Isomaltulose, also known by the trademarked name of [...]

BCAAs in Endurance Fuels – A Suboptimal Solution

BCAAs in Endurance Fuels – A Suboptimal Solution   As an endurance athlete, you’ve probably [...]

The 4 Best Supplements to Prevent Overtraining in Ultra-Runners

Overtraining in Ultra-Runners My original goal with this post was to write a long comprehensive [...]

Terminus – The Best Endurance Recovery Supplement

This blog will talk about our new endurance recovery supplement – Terminus. Terminus was designed [...]

19 Tips for Running Safety

Running safety is a topic that I wish I didn’t have to write about.  But, [...]

Sleep for Endurance Athletes: Science and Best Practice

Intro: Sleep for Endurance Athletes Sleep is THE MOST critical recovery-related aspect of endurance training [...]

Ultra-Running Hydration – Determining Sweat Rate

One of the many pieces to the ultra-running puzzle is staying sufficiently hydrated.  In this [...]

Race Review: Cactus Roulette 2022

We were able to attend the inaugural year of the Cactus Roulette race on January [...]

6 Reasons Why Cyclic Dextrin is the BEST Carbohydrate for Ultra-Runners

Cyclic Dextrin is the Best Carbohydrate for Ultra-Runners What is the best carbohydrate source to [...]